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Conversion to PDF fails

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Hi Guys

I have been trying to convert to PDF and nothing happens!

When i do it remotely ie on RDP connection on server it works 100%, all the Clients have Acrobat Reader, they can all access the path i specified for Attachments, so what else could be the issue? Is there a security setting in Acrobat Reader that needs to be set? i have looked for this but to no avail.

Thanks For The Help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Euston

Make sure that the shared folder permissions on the server are set to Write and Read. By default it is set to read only. This should be under the user Everyone.

Kind regards

Peter Juby

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Hi Peter

Thanks For Your Reply, I Will Check This Tomorrow. I Thought It Could Be A Write Access Authorization But Was Unsure.

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Hi Euston,

When using the new Function of 'Exporting to PDF'/'PDF Generation' the following two settings need to be applied/checked:

1. Path needs to be defined via 'Administration->System Initialisation->General Settings- >Path->Attachment Folder

2. The Windows User needs to have write/modify permission for the folder fined under 1.

(To check if the permission is correct, access the folder and check if a new file

could be saved)

Please Note that these Settings are also necessary when using the Email Function as the attachmens are generated as PDFs and are also saved under the above Path.


Gagan Thareja

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