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conversion problem

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Dear all,

in info record when i maintain the conversion factor 1 pc = i kg it is accepting even when in the material we do not maintain the conversion or even when 1pc= 1 nos is maintained it takes any conversion in info record..

please tell me some scenarios how to solve the prob.



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Answers (2)

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It should be already resolved.

Closing old thread.

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Dear Deepak,

Good evening and greetings,

It is better to maintain the alternate unit of measure in the material master level if that particular material is always to be accounted in that way. There is an option to overcome this at the transaction level in most of the material posting transactions if required.

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Thanking you,

With kindest regards

Ramesh Padmanabhan

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SAP has provided a optiom tomaintain the conversion factor at the material master level. This will be effective when you maintian the alerbative unit of measure active in the puchasig view of the material master.

If you do not maintian in material master you have the optiom to maintain in purchasing info record.Convesion factors which you have maintained in info record will be defaulted in the purchase oder.

Again in Purchase you have the option to maintian the conversion factor. The convesion facto in PO wil be final.

Hope this will clear your doubts,