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Conversion Indicator Planned Order - Automatic in REM

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Dear All,

I have a material in REM scenario which can be procured from outside as well as produced inside. The procurement type is marked as X. The REM profile is ticked. Now when I run MRP the planned orders are generated without the Conversion Indicator marked as active and hence I cant create Purchase Requisitions directly. I have to go inside tick the indicator and then convert to PR. Is there a way to get this indicator marked automatically.



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Answers (3)

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Dear Vineet,

In my understanding this requirement cannot be met directly.

What you observe is the standard SAP behavior and in this case the system starts planning the

material as in-house manufactured and creates planned orders with order type PE.

Check if split valuation can suite your requirement , with proper settings for Quota arrangement.



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The conversion indicator is not set in the planned orders as the planned orders never be converted into production orders in REM. If you want to have it you should use subcontracting or quota arraignment.



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If you have not activated the release of the BOM for the planned order, the system does not set the conversion indicator.

For this please check the status of the BOM in BOM header. It should be active with all the ticks maintained mainly second one active for planned order as shown in the screen shot below:


Alok Tiwari