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Conversion from vertex to sabrix

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Hi there,

We are converting from Vertex to Sabrix. We are using conversion programs as per OSS NOTE#409562. In this note SAP says to create your own ZZ* program, but it alos m,entions that this program is not supported by SAP. Has anyone used this program for conversion of tax jurisdiction codes.

How was the experirnce as far as Errors and validations are concerned.

Also can anyone explain difefrence between program RSADRQU1 and RSADRQU1N.

Could you please let us know. We woudl appreciate your response.

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Hi Gajanan,

Programs provided by NOTE#409562 cover basic validations required for address update.

In case of business specific requirement, modifications are required in these programs.

We are also checking same conversion programs for our project.

Is your conversion complete? Can you please provide some pointers on usage of these programs?