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conversion factor on condition recorder

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Hi All,

I have surcharge on billing document, this surcharge is fixed value by box, the UOM on billing is PC(Pieces).

I configure a condition type for surcharge, and maintain the condition recorder by box, maintain the conversion factor, but the conversion factor does not work in billing, the surcharge is caculated by PC, not by Box.

For example, I create the condition recorder

Material Amount Unit per UOM

M-001 1.00 USD 1 BOX

Conversion factor:

1 Box <=> 2 PC

I have 3 pc in billing document.

But the surcharge is 1.5 USD, not 2 USD.

Why does the conversion factors not work?

How can I get the surcharge by box?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If the value is getting converted into 2 $ instead of 1.5$ then it may be due to rounding off rule. In billing or when the value is posted to GL account, according to New gl account rule it will automatically round off the value.

and same way check you condition type for the condition rounding off is tick or blank.



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hi Sudhir,

My round rule is A, round up.

What I need is: the surcharge should be charged by box, not by PC.

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