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Controlling confirmation and material document record in AFWI table

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We implement a confirmation on shift basis for discrete manufacturing. As a result, in CO11N transaction, there will be an additional field indicating the shift for each production confirmation. We also use auto GR and back flushing. Thus, each confirmation will always be followed by a material document which contains all goods issue and goods receipt transactions as long as required. To track the material movements for each confirmation, we refer to WABLNR field in the AFRU table. If there is any error during confirmation, we refer to AFWI table for all subsequent material documents.

I am currently developing a new custom report for this shift-based production, since the user want to see production confirmation and material consumption for each shift in one integrated report.

The problem is coming when we have a milestone confirmation for certain products. For these products, we will have two operations. I only want to capture all material movements for the second operation because the first one is created for other purpose outside manufacturing. We set the second operation as a milestone. Therefore, the user will just need to confirm the second operation and the first one will be updated automatically. The material document will be tied to the confirmation number of the second operation as needed.

However, if there is error during confirmation and we perform COGI transaction, the subsequent material documents in AFWI table is not tied to the confirmation number of the second operation. They are tied to confirmation number for the first operation instead and there is no shift information for this confirmation number.

Of course we can do a workaround in the custom report but is there any way to control the record in the AFWI table to make sure that the material document is tied to the correct confirmation number as we wish?

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Hi Julian,

In production order level the components are automatically assigned to first operation(it gets copied from the routing) if you do not assign the components to particular operations like operation 0020 in your case. So when you do confirmation definitely the back flushing will happen for 1st operation.

To have components consumption at 0020 operation you have to assign the components in Routing for that operation so that while making the confirmation entries system will allow only 2nd operation to consume the components.  You can use Back flushing in Work center as well.

Please check and revert.