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Control over GR against Scheduling agreement

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I have the following requirement:

1. The vendor keeps sending the material well before the scheduled date in Scheduling agreement. This causes excessive inventory at the Plant

2. In order to overcome this, its required to give error message at the GR against the inbound delivery created against the scheduling agreement. The GR date needs to be checked against the schedule line delivery date. If the date is 30 days prior, then the error message is to be displayed.

I don't this that this can be done in Standard SAP but would like to hear thoughts. Also please suggest the best user exit for this in MIGO to implement the change based on our prior experience.



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I wonder what the process beyond the error message will be. Honestly I have seen such requirements quite often, but when the solution meets the reality then everybody claims that this was not what was really wanted.

Where will be the stock then? Just not in the system but in the warehouse? Do you really send the material back, who is paying the freight costs? Are you able to get the material on time after you hat refused the initial receipt?

Actually the standard has an error message, because the open quantity is calculated based on the scheduling date considering the overdelivery tolerance. So I have to assume that you either have a very generous overdelivery tolerance or you already de-activated the standard with a user exit. All background can be found in OSS note 741385 - Goods receipts up to current date for scheduling agreements

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Thanks Jurgen, I had raised the similar questions to the user. There is no accountability of the Stock if its not received in the system, the space in the warehouse is consumed anyways because vendor is not going to accept the reverse freight as per my experience.

I will further check the SAP note provided. thanks for the help.