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Contract Performance Evaluation

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Hi Experts

#Procurement of Service.

I have a requirement to Capture the Contract Performance Evaluation (CPE)in the Service Purchase, hence would like to know how is this is being captured in Purchase Order and impacted in Service acceptance. Please share the solution in SAP if you have experienced.

The scenario involved is,

  1. Purchase Contract (Service) created for $1000. (Valued for Q1 2022-$250, Q2 2022 -$250, Q3 2022 -$250, Q4 2022-$250)
  2. Purchase Order (Service) is created for Same Dollar amount and schedules
  3. Approved
  4. Vendor Service is completed
  5. CPE Results (Score card 90% satisfaction) is received which needs to be updated in Purchase Order (Example worth of $230)
  6. Service receipt (GR) should be posted based on the CPE scores posted.

Thanks. RG

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What is an issue in your case?.

If you have generated Service Contract and also Service PO, then by using both the ceireria , you can generate Service Entry Sheet through ML81N.

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First of all you need to build relation between CPE results and PO.

Then you need to put validation in ML81/ML81N to check CPE score.

Service receipt (GR) should be posted based on the CPE scores posted. ---- What should system do if score is low? (You are saying vendor service is already complete.)



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Hi Amruta


Could you please share some insight on how to accommodate the CPE score/results in PO ? which could result in Price adjustment.

What is the best practise ? Thanks

Regard RG