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Contract Performance Bank Guarantee

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Dear readers,

With respect to the P.O given to the vendor, vendor will provide CPBG.

can any one say where to enter these details of bank guarantee. so that at the time of invoice we can check whether vendor has bank guarantee r not..



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In our project there is a scenario that after giving PO to vendor thay submit a Bank Guarantee on the basis of BG co releases payment like Advance payment. This BG has a period. If the period is over the FINANCE manually checks for the date and blocks payment to vendor.

I want to incorporate the total scenario in PS. PO will be raised and there one can distinguish that the PO is with a BG or not. If the PO is with a BG system will give an alarm that the BG period is coming to expire before the expiry date. Or otherwise we can generate a report which will show PO No with description and also with description of BG and expiry date. Lastly during payment i.e MIRO sytem will automatically calculate the BG period and automatically block payment if the expiry date is over.

Though this a scenario from FI but if somebody has worked in it plz throw some light.

Thanks and regds,

Suman Misra