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Content Server Migration to Windows 2088 Server

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All our systems are on windows 2008 server. Since during time of Implementation CS was not supported on Wind 2K8 we had to install it on a separate hardware (Win 2K3). Now that it is supported we need to migrate our server from this separate hardware to our SolMan server.

I need some advice on how too go ahead with this activity.

I believe below are the steps.

1. Upgrade MaxDB in our current CS from Version to or above as per SAP Note 1399009.

2. Install SAP CS on the SolMan Sever.

3. Do a Homogenous System Copy - restore of Backup of source MaxDB. Note 962019 & 129352

4. Copy the ContentServer.INI file and the security directory to the

new server. As this is not backed up in the DB Backup.

Is this Process correct? Is there any guides for this. Please help.

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I have not done a migration yet, but I´m introducing ArchiveLink in a larger scal right now and migration is also a topiv for later tasks. What I have found is OSS note 1043676. Here you can copy docs from one repository to another. Thats how I would try:

1. Make a new rep poiting at your new CS (e.g. Z2)

2. Copy all docs from Z1 (your old CS) to Z2 by using OSS note 1043676

3. Change customizing that all your relations point to the new rep.

Cause I guess the final repository is not transparent to the application therefore a switch to a new rep should be possible.

I did not try this but this may be the way I would suppose to go.

Hope I could help you anyway

P.S.: If you found the right way, please post it

kind regards Matthew

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