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Content Server for Archiving

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I wanted to confirm if we can use the content server which is used to store the originals of a DIR, to store the scanned documents using Archivelink? Whats are the pros and cons?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Content server can be used. Other than not being able to store to optical media, there are no real disadvantages.

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Thanks Athol !! Points awarded.

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Hi Mr Athol,

i did not get the Statement data in Content Server cannot be copied to Optical Drives, did you mean the Data stored in Content server cannot be written to a CDs or DVDs, which while stored in Archive server can be copied down to Optical Drives (CDs or DVDs)

can you please tell me if the Content server Database if can be divided in to 2 parts where in one half is made use as Content server to store Original Application Files,

and the second portion is used for Archiving the documents,

is this suggestable or logical as archiving provides an option of coping the data to Optical drives as told by you.

one more thing if in future if the Content server becomes overloaded then how can tranfer / copy of the Data stored in Content server be taken, to create some space for extra / new storage of files.

can you please confirm and throw some light on the same

thanks and regards


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Yes, I mean you cannot store to optical media like CD or DVD as the SAP content server does not support this. This may mean that you cannot meet some of the legal requirements (if they exist in your country) without the use of something like spindle locking technology.

The content server can have logical repositories for different data so you can have DMS and ArchiveLink docs on the same server.

If the content server becomes overloaded you could archive documents to an archive server or simply add more disk space. The latter is normally the preferred method. You can also delete data that is no longer required.

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Dear Athol Hill,

Thanks fore the quick reply,

let me with other DMS community cleary understand the Pros and Cons of Going for the content server storing of original files,

i belive SAP recommends to go for the SAP Content server installation for storing of original files for DMS? please explain in your own words.

so if we use same content server for storing original directly and also Archiving, do you mean to say that the original files stored in Archiving portion of the content server be copied to CDs and DVDs,

if this is the case can there be tranfer of the Original files from one repository of the content server (acting as DMS storage ) to another Repository (acting as Archive Storage)

so if this transfer is made then any original files can be copied to Optical drives,

one basic question i have is all this original storage device like this Content server, Archive and Vault do only act as Secure storage system? or is that only the feature of Content server?

if so then even if we copy the Archived files in to CDs and DVDs. they cannot be viewed directly with out the Help of SAP Logon transaction. is my understanding right?

is there any Storage System that is Supported by SAP which allows Data be stored other than Secure storage Area,and making it available outside SAP transaction for later use.

Thanks and regards


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