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Contact your system administrator (table error) - Message no. AA380

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Hi Experts,

I have created new Transaction type by copying 643 and I want system to allow to write up value for depreciation area 30 only.

I have maintained the Depreciation specification as 30 and tick the check boxes, but when trying to perfrom ABAA system prompt the below error. Please suggest the solution for this issue.

Contact your system administrator (table error)

Message no. AA380


Inconsistency between the specifications for transaction type Z11 and for the depreciation areas in chart of depreciation 11CD.

Depreciation area 30 is defined (in Customizing), so that it is required to take over values from area 01. However, one of these ares cannot be posted to, due to the specifications in transaction type Z11. This combination is not allowed.


In Asset Customizing, maintain the specifications in transaction type Z11 for the depreciation areas that can be posted using this transaction.



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Regarding your issue,as you can see from the long text of the error,it

is due to your own customizing that causes the error AA380.In your case,

I assume that you have the following setting ,would you check it?

1)Depreciation area 30 in chart of depreciation xxxx is defined to

adopt identical values from area 01. You can check this in

transaction OABC.

2)Transaction Type Z11 is limited to post only to area 01 or other area

which exclude 30. You can check this in transaction OAXE.

These settings contradicts each other. If the area should adopt

identical values it must be posted. So, please decide whether the

area 30 should be posted with identical values (then add area 30 in

transaction OAXE for transaction type Z11 or transaction type Z11

should really not be posted in area 30 (then remove the identical flag

in transaction OABC).