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Contact Person Partner Function in sales order processing

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Hello There,

Quick question I know we can assign multiple contact person on a sales order processing level.

There is a business requirement that for one customer multiple contact persons are allocated and each contact person can individually place an order from their home-grown ordering system, how this could be possible with SAP?

What's the role of this partner function CP(Contact Person), is it possible for contact person to create a sales order?

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sales SD (Sales and Distribution) 

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Product and Topic Expert
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you create customer as business partner (e.g. #10100001). For each business partner you can assign several contact persons. Usually these contact persons  (customer) represent employees from this customer and they all have a unique number.

customer #10100001 

  1. contact person #45 - Mr. Miller
  2. contact person #53 - Ms. White

When they send a sales order, this sales order is created in your SAP system with customer number #10100001 (role: sold-to party). 

Additionally you can also record the partner role CP (contact person) in this sales order, but only 1 contact person per sales order is allowed. So this role is used to identify, who from customer sent the order.

Hope this clarifies your question.