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Consumption Indicator in S4HC

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In S4HC I want to PIR purchased materials and subassemblies with Strategy Group 10 for Service stock. Have created separate MRP Area for Service and created PIR Quantities there. "No allocation" is set for Consumption Indicator

1) Will the strategy group settings overrule the "No allocation"? If "yes" - how do I confirm that?

2) If "No" - What setting should I choose - there is no reference to indep reqs

3) I understood manual reservations are not possible in S4HC - why are there two references to "reservations" in the Consumption Indicator menu?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello fdo1958.

How are you? Considering your 3 questions, here you have my comments:

1) Strategy Group 10 is used when you want that the Customer Requirements does not impact the Planned Independent Requirements. So, in this case, there will be no consumption as with Strategy Group 10, the Customer Requirements are not considered and the impact on Planned Independent Requirements will not occur.

2) I recommend to consider Strategy Group 40 and then, you can see if there is impact of the Strategy Group in the Consumption Indicator.

3) I recommend you to check in the App "Monitor Material Coverage - Net and Individual Segments" (F2101) if there are past Dependent Requirements impacting you material, as these Dependent Requirements can generate the Reservations.

mateus.blume, do you mind in checking these points also?


Juliano Romanato.