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consumption based planning.- reg.,

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Hi guru's

can anybody suggest me what questions are generally asked my the interviewer's on consumption based planning

thanx in adv

tulja singh

please also show how to give points which is useful

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Q: We have a lot size procedure here which is creating more order proposals. How do you set the limit value for maximum number of MRP order proposals per date in IMG?

A: Under customization, play around with materials management/consumption based planning/maintain all plants

Q: What is the difference between "planned consumption" and "Unplanned consumption"? Can safety stock calculation be done on either of these?

A: While customizing movement types (OMJJ) it is defined as to which set of consumption values gets posted during the material movement. For some it may always be the total consumption and for some it is always the unplanned one and for some it is dependent on whether the issues were done with reference to a reservation ie., a planned consumption. The way these consumption values are taken into account in MRP is defined in the customizing of MRP types.

For Reorder point planning (VM) the total consumption is used to calculate the safety stock and the reorder point.

For Forecast based planning (VV) the total consumption is used to build the forecast which will be used to compile the order proposals.

For Deterministic MRP (PD) the unplanned consumption is used to calculate the forecast which in turn is added to the actual demand.

Q: We are trying to use reservations to block our existing un-restricted plant stock against a Sales Order Line Item. But the reservation is included in the Planning file when MRP is run.. We want to disable the reservation in MRP. How can I do this?

A: Use transaction OPPI.

Menu path : Customizing->Production->MRP->Planning->MRP Calculations->Stock->Define Availability

Check "block Stock"

Q: We do not want to convert Planned orders to requisitions in our MRP run and keep some materials in the step of planned orders. Can we do this?

A: Check the indicator in transaction 'OPPR'. Assign the indicator specifying planned orders only.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Mr. Ravi Ganti,

Iam very happy with your Q&A's basically I wish to get the general idea on which points the interviewer's will be focused, and I have expected most of guru's will responds to it, I request you to print some more imp., Q&A's.


tulja singh.