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Consumables from anonymous stock with serviceable material from Sales (Repair) order stock in one Delivery - LO_EAM_ROTSUB

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We are facing an issue when we use the functionality of Business Function LO_EAM_ROTSUB.

We have a process in which we create a Repair (SD) order from a Service Notification.

We create a Return Delivery for this Repair order and post Goods Receipt for it.

After this GR posting, the serviceable Material is in Unrestricted SD (Repair) order stock.

Subsequently, we create a Service order from the Repair order, enter an External Operation (Control key SM02) in the Service order, enter an Operation quantity, flag the Subontracting indicator and specify the Vendor (subcontractor).

Also, we set the Material Provision Indicator for the Component of this Operation (being the serviceable Material) to "S - Rework Material";

With that we specify that our serviceable Material is reworked recursively: sent to the subcontractor, reworked there, and sent back to us.

After releasing our Service order, the Purchase requisiton is created.

In the "Spec 2000/SC"-tab in the Purchase requistion, the Subcontracting type is automatically set to "1 - Refurbishment with unchanged material number" and the Components Overview at this point only contains the serviceable Material.

So far, so good.

Now when we convert the Purchase requisition into a Purchase order (with ME21N), in the "Spec 2000/SC"-tab, we change the Special stock from " - Normal stock" to "E - Orders on hand" and subsequently, in the fields Sales document and -item we specify the Repair order and its item.

By doing that we specify that the serviceable Material should be delivered to the subcontractor from the SD (Repair) order stock.

Along with the serviceable Material, we want to send consumable Materials to the subcontractor as well.

So we go to the Components Overview and enter our consumable Materials and their quantities.

The Material Provision Indicator (MDPM-BEIKZ) is left blank for our consumable Materials.

Now comes our problem:

We cannot change the Special Stock Indicator (MDPM-SOBKZ) from "E" into blank: see attached screenshot.

Now, when we want to create a Delivery for our Purchase order (with transaction ADSUBCON), there is no stock of our consumable Materials in "E"-stock, so they are copied into the Delivery with a Delivery quantity of 0...

My question in general is:

How within LO_EAM_ROTSUB can we send consumables from anonymous stock to the subcontractor along with the serviceable Material from Sales (Repair) order stock in one Delivery?

Thanks in advance for any clues,

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Apparently I have overlooked the following in the documentation (

Unfortunately I cannot paste the link in here..

Guess we have to create a workaround for the fact we cannot combine different Special stock types for the main component and the consumables.

Topic can be CLOSED.

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