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Consignment MRKO with PO reference

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Hi Team,

For one of my project specific, we have a requirement, Where in MRKO, the User want one additional Column for the PO.

We all know that in 411 - K is not specific to PO.  Is there any logic we can build, by pulling the PO in MRKO

We suggested to maintain the PO number in the reference field during 411-K, and our program for ZMRKO, pulls the PO column for that.

But user says, that they dont wont to maintain it.

Any help / idea would be highly appreciated.



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You already said yourself "We all know that in 411 - K is not specific to PO"

So what do you expect from us here if your users do not accept your proposal?

If I go into a shop and want a I-phone and the sales men says "700 Euros please" and I say "No"  then I just can't get it, my requirement is not fulfilled, but I have to live with it and can still dream about.

Make you material batch managed, create for each PO a separate batch. The the users have to enter the batch in all movements, and you can use the batch as link to your PO.