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Consignment issue order placed with more than unrestricted customer consignment stock

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I have created consignment fill-up with 100 qty stock delivered the stock and created proforma invoice.

After that i created 1st consignment issue with reference to proforma for 10 quantity, delivered the same and created invoice. again i created the same issue cycle with 100 qty but the unrestricted customer consignment stock was 90 as i have issued 10 qty before. Still my 2nd issue cycle processed and after that i checked in MB58 there was no stock. Please help. when I process the 2nd issue order there i want the remaining stock only in order quantity, for every issue order it carries the same order quantity which is entered in fill-up proforma invoice.

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With the standard configuration, this will never happen.  How did you create the Consignment Issue order KE ? With reference to proforma or fill-up order or directly ? What settings you have for fill-up item category and schedule line category ?  What quantity was there when you created the Consignment Issue order ? Please share as much information as possible with the related screen shots, when you create a discussion, for better understanding.