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Consignment fill-up

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Can anyone explain me in consignment Fill up (CF) process

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Wow you sure are posting a lot of questions. Consignment process is description pretty well in SAP online documentation. Suggest you read it first and post follow up questions if there are specific things about it you don't understand


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Anand

Consignment Process is keeping your stock at a place where you can sell your goods from that place through the customer.

Consignment Fillup is nothing but filling up the goods i.e., keeping the goods at the place of the customer for sale. For this reason, you will be having an order, delivery, PGI but not billing. Since you are not selling the goods to the customer, billing is not involved.

Consignment Isssue is the process in which the customer pays for the goods he had sold . Thats why there is billing in this process.

In consignment fill up, we will send the goods to the customers directly from our plant to the customers place.

In consignment issue, delivery is to do for the items he had sold and also billing for the items he had sold

Hope this adds information.



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Hi Anand,

Consignment Fill-Up Process:

A consignment fill-up does not completely represent a real physical sale of goods to a customer. However, the mechanisms during the order entry are the same as for a standard order entry. For example, when an order is entered, an availability check is performed for the material, and the shipping point is determined automatically.

u2022 Consignment fill-up order

u2022 Outbound delivery

u2022 Picking order

u2022 PGI consignment:

After the goods have been picked, the delivery is posted for goods issue. When the goods issue is posted, the transfer to the consignment stock is carried out.

No accounting and controlling documents are generated, since this is a transfer within the same plant (even though the product is no longer physically stored in the warehouse but shipped to the customer site).