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Consider Special stock in MRP run

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Hi all,

Is it possible to consider the special stock (table MSLB) when I run MRP (MD01)?

The type os special stock is 'O'

Thank in advance,

Felipe Simionatto

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Answers (2)

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For special stock O please you may wanna look at the note 743312

Also the thread for more info

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Thanks Jeevan,

I am checking those BADI's.



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BADI MD_SUBCONT_LOGIC may be used to make all subcontracting segments nettable.


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Special stock cannot be included in the MRP run, either you have to make it unrestricted or implement a BAdI or userexit.

BAdI/Enhancement implementation may not be very reliable :

The following BAdi's are available for MRP related stuff

MD_ADD_COL_EZPS           BAdI: Extra Columns for Evaluation PP-MRP Reqmnts P
MD_ADD_COL_OVERVIEW       BAdI: Display of Additional Columns in the Material
MD_ADD_ELEMENTS           BAdI for Adding Additional Requirements/Receipts
MD_CHANGE_CALENDAR        BAdI: Change Calendar for Range of Coverage Calcula
MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA        BAdI: Change Data when Importing MDPSX
MD_DISPLAY_ELEMENT        BAdI for Changing Display of MRP Elements
MD_EXPORT_TREE            Order Report: Export Contents of the Order Tree
MD_EXT_SUP                BAdI for Determining the Issuing Storage Location
MD_INTERACT_PLANNING      BAdI for Deactivating Changeability of MRP Elements
MD_LAST_LOT_EXACT         BAdI for Calculating Last Lot Exactly in Individual
MD_M61R_DELKZ_POPUP       Definition: Display data for MRP element (MD04)
MD_M61R_EXT_REQS_TXT      Definition: Supplement data of MRP element for ext.
MD_M61X_EXT_REQS_GET      Definition of selection of external rqmts in FuGr M
MD_MODIFY_PRODVERS        BAdI for Modifying Production Version
MD_MODIFY_SOURCE          BAdI for Modifying Source Determination in MRP
MD_MRP_LIST               BADI for further processing of MRP list
MD_MRP_PARAMETERS         BAdI: Change Planning Parameters
MD_MRP_RUN_PARALLEL       Add-Ins for parallel planning run of requirements p
MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS          BAdI for flexible planned ind. req. consumption/red
MD_PLANNING_RESULT        BADI for Issuing Planning Result
MD_PLANNING_SCENARIO      BAdI for Maintenance of Add. Parameters in Planning
MD_PLDORD_BOMEX_CIF       BAdI: Deactivation of BOM Forced Explosion in CIF
MD_PLDORD_CHANGE          BAdI for Changing Planned Orders
MD_PLDORD_POST            BAdI: Update of Planned Orders
MD_PLDORD_SCHEDULING      BAdI: Schedule Planned Orders
MD_PLDORD_TIME_STAMP      BADI for publishing time stamp problems
MD_PURREQ_CHANGE          BADI for changing purchase requisitions
MD_PURREQ_POST            BADI for updating purchase requisitions
MD_PURREQ_REL_STRAT       BAdI for Deactivating Release Strategy for MRP Purc
MD_STOCK_TRANSFER         BADI: Change the Requirement Date During Stock Tran
MD_SUBCONT_LOGIC          BADI: Determine Subcontracting Logic

Available userexits for MD01.

LMDR2001                                User exits restr. profiles of opt. pur.ord.-based load bldg
LMDZU001                                User exits in additional planning

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