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Connecting MSEG to VBAP

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Hi All,

I am trying to get a trace of the material documents found in MSEG back to VBAP-VBELN. The usually columns KDUAF, EBELN, EBELP and VBELN are empty. The only columns I have that are not null and look like a unique identifer are MBLNR, AUFNR, RSNUM, LGPLA, and AUFPL. Do any of these columns trace back to a sales order number (VBELN in VBAP)?

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MSEG shows all material documents. So, if you want to link with VBAP, it must be through KDAUF and KDPOS (line item). If your stock is managed as MTO, then this will not be empty. If you are trying to check dispatch movements, then this field will be enabled.

If the stock is transferred to Sales order, then you can also check the fields MAT_KDAUF and MAT_KDPOS under MSEG.



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I dont think they are directly related but please check with the below

MSEG has VBELN as KDAUF field


Easier thing is to create a SQVI query and use join condition to check

Or you could try to go to VBFA and find the material document from there which is the primary key for MSEG

found some below posts in SDN which talk about the same mapping