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Confusion - Immediate confirmation configuration

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Hi! I am confused over the various settings relatin to immediate TO confirm which I hope I can get some clarification here.

1. I understand that confirmation of TO can be set to be carried out immediately on creation via the config settig Warehouse Management > Activities > Confirmation. Here, we can set at warehouse level, storage type level and movement type level. Is that right?

2. What does this work with the Confirmation setting in the other config Warehouse Management > Activities > Transfers > Define Movement Types?

3. Should there be a conflict in the settings between 1 and 2, which one take precedences?

4. I have a requirement whereby I want a particular storage type to be subject to immediate/auto confirmation only for 2 movement types. Confirmation control has been set at the movement type level. However, I found that movements using some other movement types still end up with auto-confirmation. For example, when I move stock out using movement type 601 from the storage type to 916, it is auto-confirmed. Setting in 1 and 2 for this movmeent type 601 is no auto-confirmation. The only thing is that the storage type setting for this storage type is not set for confirmation. I am afraid that if I turn on the indictor at storage type level, it might affect the confirmation behaviour of the 2 movement types which I want auto-confirmation.

Appreciate any clarification on the above.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Nice question!

Let me explain straight away with reference to your question numbers.

Question 1 & 2: Yes, you can activate the automatic TO confirmation at three levels.( 1. warehouse number - here any movements with this warehouse number , the corresponding TO will be confirmed in one step. 2. Storage type level: Any movement for this particular storage type, TO will be confirmed and 3. movement type level: Any material movement with this particular movement type, the TO will be confirmed in one step irrespective of warehouse or storage type.

Question 3: Basically the setting of TO confirmation for movement type in two different areas is one and the same. you can test also.

In the IMG path: Warehouse Management > Activities > Confirmation and also in the IMG path: Warehouse Management > Activities > Transfers > Define Movement Types?

Question 4: Basically you can activate the immediate confirmation for two storage types along with two movements types also. At the same time , you can activate the separate confirmation for other storage types either for putaway or picking ( T331-QUEIN) in the definition of storage type under IMG. to avoid the immediate confirmation to get your requirement.

I hope the above info is of helpful to you

Kind regards,

ALV Ramana

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