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confuguration of STO

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Hi Gurus

I want to know the details IMG configuration of STO (Internal plant with same company code) between mm-sd-fi

because i want to configure STO pls give me details from enital to last & another point is that it STO po invoice column is hidden where i have to configure that pls give me details greate points must be rewarded.pls give me details IMG configuration .



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Dear Azim,

Basic prerequisite is you should have a STANDARD purchasing organization for creating Stock Tranfer PO between plant / co.code.This Pur Organization to be assigned to the plant between which you want to have stock Tranfer through order.

Reward if useful,

Vivek Maitra

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First understand In Intra-Company STO,( ie) STO bet. Plants belongs to same Co.Code) there is no billing in STO also there will not be any invoice coloumn....

Pl. follow these configuration parts...

For Intra-Company STO:

1)Create one Customer for Supplying Plant Sales area and assign this Customer no with Receiving Plant in OLME---> PO -

> Set up STO -

> define Shipping Data for plants. and maintain the same sales area in your Supplying plant.

2) In OLME---> PO -

> Set up STO.....for your Document Type: UB and Suppying plant Combination assign Del. Type NL and Checking rule RP

3) In OLME---> PO -

> Set up STO...for your Supplying Plant and Receiving Plant combination Maintain Doc. Type : UB

Make sure you are maintaining Sales View for your Material at Supplying Plant.

4) Maintain Shipping point at, SPRO----> Logistics Execution -

> Shipping -

> Basic Shipping Functions -

> Shipping Point Determination for Plants.....there for your Loading group,Shipping Condition, Shipping Plant combination maintain Shipping plant..

Now Create STO in ME21N with Doc.type: UB at Receiving Plant.

Then Create Delivery in VL10B from Supplying Plant...

Then Do PGI in VL02N from supplying Plant.

Then do GR at Receiving Plant based on Outbound Delivery at Receiving Plant...

Follow the below steps to to make STO between two plants ( different company company codes).It is also called as Inter Company STO.....

1)Create one Customer Master in XD01 with respect to Supplying Plant Sales Area and assign this Customer no with Receiving Plant in OLME->PO-> set up STO->Define shipping data for plant and for the supplying Plant assign the above sales area.( Make sure,In Customer Master,sales Area Tab: you are maintaining shipping condition)

2) For Receiving Plant Pur. Org and Co.Code Combination create Vendor master in XK01 and in this vendor master assign the Supplying plant in Pur.Org.Data screen->Extras-->

3) OLME->PO-> Set up STO------>For your supplying plant assign document type NB, Delivery type NLCC and Checking Rule RP

4)then For your supplying Plant and receiving Plant assign Document type NB

5)Make sure you are maintaining Sales View for the material at supplying Plant and in Sales /Gen plant Data view maintain Availability check, Loading group and Transportation group.

6) In SPRo-->Logistics execution> Shipping->Basic shipping functions->Shipping point Determination>assign shipping points-> For your Loading group,Shipping Condition and Supplying plant combination,Assign shipping point

these are the configuration settings you have to do in background.

Then Create STO from Receing Plant in ME21N with document type NB.

Based on that STO, Create Delivery in VL10B from supplying Plant

Do PGI in VL02N from Supplying plant

Do GR in MIGO at Receiving Plant keeping Outbound delivery as a ref. document.

Now your STO bet. two plants belongs to diff. Co.Codes will be completed.

Reward if useful



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Im doing entra STO means one company code having two plants one in HARYANA & other in UP if we transfer stock invoice document should be with STO so in sap billing document should be there if im not correct pls explain me

Im basically concentrate on configuration part in STO PO invoice column is not coming & item catagory U automatically comes where we configure all these thing .pls explain in details IMG configuration


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