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Confirmed Quantity field in Sales Order Schedule line is empty

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Dear all,

In the schedule line tab of standard sales order 'OR' the "confirmed quantity" field is empty, and i am unable to enter the quantity manually as well. It should be equal to the ordered quantity.

I am using the schedule line category CN (No Material planning).  and i have created my own sch. line category ZN (with no availability check). both are assigned to item category TAN.

What could be the problem?

Please help.

I will be very thankful to you guys.


Faraz H. Qazi

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Hi Qazi

What is maintained there in material master in availbility check field?

I have tried to create the scenario but I am getting confirmed quantity in every case. If possible please share your schedule line category screen and any other changing if you have done in process?


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Hi Moazzam,

Thnaks for your reply.

Actually i was able create the sales order, then made the delivery and PGI but in billing due list "VF04" screen i could only do the order related billing not delivery related billing. So in customizing I changed 'billing relevance' of Item category TAN to delivery related billing. and created my own schedule line category ZN with no availability check and assigned it to the item category TAN.

but since then i am having this issue that confirmed quantity field is coming empty.

and here is the assignment.


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There are two things. TAN is delivery related billing in standard. If you had this item category with order related billing then it means somebody has already changed it.

You are saying that you have created ZN schedule line but in screen shot it is CN.

Please share following things.

Screenshot of item category settings.

Screen shot of schedule line category settings not determination.

What is maintained in material master in Availibility check field?

Current stock of this material?

After this changes and empty field for confirmed quantity are you able to create delivery?