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Confirmed Qty. in COOISPI report always zero

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Hi Gurus,

Good day!

I have an issue wherein the confirmed qty. for a certain semifinished material is always displaying zero qty in Confirmed Quantity GMEIN field in COOISPI standard Report.

I have tried to compare it with other materials and it is the only one behaving this way.

I have performed Confirmation at the last operation as well. Control Key for that operation is similar to the assigned control key in the operation of Materials that are working correctly. Others are working so I am not sure if this is a configuration issue, but this material is behaving this way since it was set up.

Do you have any idea what I should check?

Will reward helpful answers.

Have a great day!


Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Product and Topic Expert
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I don't this that it should be a problem with COOISPI itself, but a problem with your order. Check if the confirmed quantity is being updated in table CAUFV for your orders (field CAUFV-IGMNG). This field will be only updated when you post a header confirmation or when you confirm the last operation of your order. See this note for details:

2160188 - The confirmed quantity in COOISPI doesn't match with the one in CORT



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Hi Christian,

Confirmed Qty field in standard SAP report COOIS /COOISPI (order header)

come from last confirmed operation within showed Production /Process order

so let me know

Matl type

control key

conf.t-code used