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Confirmation of Service in Delivery document flow

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I have material type -service item without delivery.My user created a order and delivery for a material,no "confirmation of Service" line displayed in document flow as well as Goods movement status in delivery is blank after PGI.(In PRD)

While in testing client for same scenario I see "confirmation of Service" line displayed in document flow,as well as Goods Movement status is "c" after PGI.

Any clue please?


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Hi Nayak,

As already stated by Narendar, Service item would not have a delivery

how did you map service item to delivery process, could you brief the scenario so that we can help to identify the difference

as well just to cross check, confirm whether the ITEM CATEGORY & SCHEDULE LINE used in Production and test were similar

In General if the material has NLAG item category group in Material master, it will trigger CONFIRMATION OF SERVICE instead of PGI