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Confirmation control key in PO and order acknowledgement indicator not populating in PO

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My question is regarding confirmation control field (Dropdown ) within confirmation tab of PO and order acknowledgement check box. The confirmation control field and order acknowledgement check box is not appearing.

The configuration tasks I did were

Materials Management > Purchasing > Confirmations > Define External Confirmation Categories

Confirmation category: ZA

Description: Order Acknowledgement (for Acknowledgement)

Heading quantity: Confirmed Qty (for Quantity)

Confirmation category: ZB

Description: Ship Notification

Heading Quantity: Notified Qty

Defined confirmation control key and in the Confirmation sequence table, assigned the confirmation category to ZA, which is the confirmation category we set for order acknowledgement and save. Checked MRP relevance, GR relevance and GR assignment.

Also in Vendor master data/Purchase info record assigned the same confirmation key. Still I am not able to see confirmation control field. Material master-Purchasing view also has order acknowledgement check

I saw in one of the answers to implement OSS note 1002238.But that's valid upto Release 600 support pack 0008 and we are Release 617 support pack0008

Can you please let me know ,what am I missing ? I have attached the screen shot and highlighted in yellow where the confirmation control key drop down and order acknowledgement check box is supposed to be




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Check you have configured message type for your vendor acknowledgment and if done, revisit all config steps again!. For more refer

AUBF message type Config

PO Acknowledgement config.

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Thanks for your reply Bijay. I did all of them but still no luck. Also I rechecked my config too

  • Set the “Indicator: Print operation” to 7 for the message type in OLME> Messages> Output Control > Messages Types > define Messages Type for PO > Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order.
  • Insert the program, form routine, form in Maintain Message Types for PO > Processing Routines (Standard: Program SAPFM06P, Form Routine ENTRY_AUFB, Form MEDRUCK).
  • Insert the message type in the Procedure RMBEF1 in transaction M/36.
  • A condition record for message type AUFB is created in MN04.
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Revisit again your PO message type AUBF config and make sure the check box(U) selected for your AUBF message type along with Print indicator 7 in fine-tuned segment, if not- select to save. Now retest it. For more refer Auto default PO message with fine-tuned setting