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Confirm LT12 causing inconsistency in TO update

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Dear Scn's,

We are facing issue in TO update while confirming TO in LT12 transaction.. In RLQCHECK report it is showing TO is missing for some of the line items in TO. But if we confirm TO in LT24 system is updating the TO without any issue.

Using LT24 for TO confiriming is consuming more time as there will be 300 to 400 line item in TO.

So please suggest what can be done to achieve the issue.



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Answers (1)

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RLQCHECK showing inconsistent quants with "TO is missing" is indicative that you may have some corrupt process. How are these TO line items being deleted? TO items should only be confirmed or cancelled in standard, not deleted (from the table LTAP). Please check any custom code / user-exits you have in this area for possible root cause. If you cannot pinpoint the root cause and the issue persists, consider setting up table logging on LTAP to discover what is the corrupting process.