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Configuring automatic account assignment

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Hi All,

Can anyone give me the step by step configuration procedure

automatic account assignment.



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Answers (3)

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Dear Nisha,

Please try to make use of Account Determination wizard.

It helps you to set up the account for your material management posting quickly & straight.

You can all following functions also through account assignment wizard.

Display /maintain co. code , plant , material types

2. Choose material type reqd

3. Group together valuation area

4) define rules of stock posting & other posting

5)define valuation classes

6) assign stock account

7) Assign other G/L account depending on business transaction in question.

I hope this will help you.

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Vivek Maitra

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You can Configure automatic account determination with following T.Code's :

1.OMSK: valuation Class with Account catagory reference,

2.OMWM: Active Valuation Grouping Code,

3.OMWN: Active Movement type with G/L account,

4.OMWD: Active Valuation Area,

5.OMWB: Active Chart of account,Valuation Grouping Code,Account Grouping Code,Valuation Class and G/L acocounts

Also refer the following link for detail procedure.



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spro --> Materials management --> valuation and account assignment --> account determination --> account determination without wizard.

under this we have:

define valuation control, group together valuation areas, define account grouping for movement types.

in transaction OMWN, you will find account grouping.

1. Valuation area: plant or company code ( SAP recommends Plant)

2. Valuation class ( 4 Character ID )

3. Account Category Reference  Grouping of valuation class for the purpose of Automatic Account Determination.

4. Valuation Grouping Code/ Valuation Modifier

 4 Character ID, used to group valuation areas for the purpose of automatic account determination

 88p1 8888 CAUS 0001

88p2 8888 CAUS 0001

• The plants belongs to same company code can have same grouping code.

• The plants belongs to same company code can have different grouping code

• The plant belongs to different company codes can have same grouping code.

EX: valuation grouping code valuation class G/L

0001 3000 300000

0002 3000 690000

5. Transaction / Event key

 It is an internal processing key which facilitates in automatic determination of accounts. The system uses internally, what accounts have to be picked up.

 3 Character ID

 Some of the Standard Transaction/Event keys are

1. BSX -- Inventory postings ( Stock postings )

2. BSP -- Stock Change account

3. WRX -- GR/IR Clearing account

4. UPF -- Unplanned delivery costs

5. GBB -- Offset entry for Inventory posting

6. PRD -- Price difference accounts

7. KON – Consignment liabilities

Goods receipt for PO :: BSX and WRX will trigger.

Goods issue:: BSX and GBB ;will trigger.

6. Account Modifier:

 Account modifier are used to determine Finer accounts for a transaction or a event.

 Goods issue to the cost center:

Stock account BSX Credit.

GBB Debit. (

hope this may hlep you,