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Configure script and smart form in case of dunning

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HI All,

I have a requirement of configuring scrip and smart form in case of dunning. But i am able to configure only one either smart form or script.

When i go to BF31, 00001720 event , i can assign either script or smart form. Can sombody tell me as to how to configure both.

What is the significance of country key in case of BF31 transaction.

Thanks and regards,

Isha Rallan.

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Answers (2)

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Please see OSS Note 899042 - Dunning with Smart Forms and SAPScript


You want to execute the dunning process using partly Smart Forms and partly SAPScript.

However, this is not possible in the standard system. You can solve the problem as follows:

Create a customer-specific module using the same interface as for the FI_PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE module.

Register this module in transaction FIBF under "Settings --> P/S Modules --> of an SAP Application" for the event 1720 without country with application indicator (as in MHNK-APPLK), delete the FI_PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE module.

Within the module, decide how you want to execute the dunning, for example using a company code in MHNK-BUKRS.

Within your function module, call the PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE module for SAPScript or the PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_SF module for Smart Forms.

Then proceed as you did with the FI_PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE module.

Below you find an example for implementing the new module.