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Configure Entry in IT167 For Dependent Coverage

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Hello ,

I  Need to Configure and additional entry in PA30 IT 0167(Health Plans) in dependent covergae .I need to know where in the configuration i can do that .This will be in dependant converage so we can select the entries

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your query is not fully clear to me, but start by accessing the IMG (t-code = spro), and follow the nodes for Personnel Management > Benefits > Plans > Health Plans

Look through the associated nodes, specially "Define Dependent Coverage Options".

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Thanks for the response Remi ,I did the config but still the Dependent Coverage option is not displayed on the drop down .I am geeting the following message after configuration

No entry for plan BXNN / option BXNN / dependent coverage BXNN

Message no. HRBEN00TABLEREADS251

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Hi Majid,

When you are defining the Health plans, there may tiers say:

Employee only

Employee + spouse

Employee + Children

To achieve this,  for example you need to define

benefit plan type  - '0001'

Benefit plan as - MDHO'

Benefit Plan options - Employee only, Employee + Spouse etc as d\mentioned above.

So, we have define the benefit coverage for employee only, employee + spouse etc when he chooses the health plan and the option (to make eligible for benefit plan)

As Remi said, please check the node related to dependent coverage. It may be percentage of employee coverage or a fixed amount.


Maintain IT0002 & IT0021  - - dependents data Spouse / child / parents etc.

When maintaining IT0167 (Health Plans) enter the benefit plan type , benefit plan and option as employee + child. So automatically the coverage amount will be displayed. Also, the cost will displayed based on the cost coverage / cost variant configuration nodes.

Last tab will be Dependents. Once the option is made, the respective dependents will be displayed. For example if employee chooses the health plan for Employee+ Spouse, then you will see the spouse name in the dependents tab in IT0167. So, tick the check box for the coverage and save the record.

Also, the employee should be eligible for benefits. This can be found from IT0171 (General benefits information).

Also, maintain the wage types for benefits in Wage types for benefits node in your respective payroll under benefits integration node.

Hope this helps..............


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Thank you Madhav for the detailed explaination .I check the above steps but still in PA30 - IT0167 the plan is not showing up .Really appreciate if you can send me the menu path to check the configuration .This is just adding on more option in the dpeendent converage in IT0167 screen

Thank you in advance

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