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Configuration of Office 365 to work with Mailer in Job service

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Dear Experts,

Could someone please provide guidance on the complete steps required to configure Office 365 to function with the mailer in the Job Service for SAP Business One on HANA?

I've reviewed some recommended steps, including:

1. Within the admin center, go to Users > Active users.

2. Choose the user you wish to give "Send on behalf" permission to, which will open their properties pane.

3. Access the Mail tab and then opt for the option "Manage mailbox permissions."

4. Next to "Send on behalf," click on the Edit button.

5. Click "Add permissions," and then pick the user you want to grant authorization to for sending emails on behalf of this mailbox. Lastly, click on Save.

Additionally, some suggestions include create smtp relay and connector.May I know what the proper wait is to configure Office 365 to work with mailer in Job service. Is it a must and in what scenario, we need to create smtp relay and connector.. How to do this?

Best regards,

Helen Jim

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Hi Nidhi,

Thank you for your advice.