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Configuration items outside Configure Your Solution area

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There are many configuration items which we used to just find nicely and quickly in the appropriate configuration node (in my case, Sales & Distribution) which now are outside the area Configure Your Solution. As an example, the Field Catalog, Condition tables, Access sequences are now available as tiles under Pricing Configuration for Sales 'menu'.

This means that everything configured in Q system is not available in P system as this is not included in the Q2P deployment.

Is there a particular reqson as to why SAP has moved those configuration items outside th enormal configuration area.? This also creates a axtra workload to redo all in P system.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Please note - All configurations made in the groups ‘Pricing Configuration for Sales’ and ‘Pricing Configuration for Purchasing’ need to be exported from the Q-system into a software collection and imported to the productive system manually - there is no double maintenance.

Make sure that the changes have been imported in the P-System before the related changes from ‘Configure your Solution’ are transferred to the P-System.