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Configuration for Material Ledger

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Can point out where the configuration to set the multiple currencies in material ledger and where the place to set the price determination 2 or 3 in Public Cloud?

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For multiple currencies, you can refer to link below for steps mentioned below,

To set up and edit exchange rates, you can use the various configuration options in the system. In your configuration environment, use the search function to open the following activities:

Check Exchange Rate Types

Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation
Define Standard Quotation for Exchange Rates
Define Currency Settings for Ledgers and Company Codes
For price determination it is 2 by default, if want to change it from 2 to 3, you can active 33Q and refer to test script of scope item 33Q ,step 2.5.4 Change Material Price Determination for Material Ledger

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Hi @Expert 

I'm currently implementing S4HC... 'im having problems with how to activate the material ledger,

Is it mandatory to activate scenario item 33Q in the public cloud?

Activate ML.jpg