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Condition type : K148

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I was trying to discount based on condition type K148 . But in the condition record ,it has 3 type of product hierarchy .

I am able to find the first Product hierarchy in MM01 - sales org 2 view, but the rest of the two I could find in material master.

Pl thro some lights to solve..points will be rewarded.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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well here is all about product hirearchy follow the steps and solve it

the con type used to give discounts based on product hirearchy is K148 before that u need to configure a hirarchially sturcture to give discounts for

so how to configure the hireachial sturcture Trasaction code is v/76 here u maintain the structure

ok product hirearchy is divided in to 18 characters ,.,.,,,,.,,.,.,. sames as the lenght of material num( name matnr)

and these 18 digits are divided into 5 - 1 division

5 - 2 division

8 - 3 division

5 + 5 + 8 = 18

ok taking an example of a factory which produces a processor

in among the whle bunch of products 1 division wld be electronic components

2 division would be computer peripehrals and 3 division would be processors

ok so for the first division the code would be 00100 - ( all electronic components like calculators and every other orducts fall into this category )

now second divsion would be 00100 - 10000 ( all computer peripherals which are also electronic components fall into this category like CPU, UPs )

now third division would be 00100 - 10000- 10000000 ( all processors would faal in this category )

ok now u can give discount at these three levels like if yu give dscnt for division 1 3 % then it is applicable to all the elements like calulators, cpu, processor )

for 00100-10000 if a 5% dscnt is given then its apllicable for CPu but not calutaors and CPu in earlier case a 3% discnt is over writen by this 5%

ok here in v/76 u define all the levels

goto new entries first give a 5 digit number range and tag as first level

second again goto new entries and give that first 5 digits again followe by another 5 digits ..and tag it as second level

and finally third level again new entries 5+5 followed by another 8 digits and tag it by thrd level

ok now while creating a MMr in sale org 2 select the hireachy feild it will only show u first level i.e first divison select it and click next level at the bootom then it will take u to the second level as u maintained in v/76 then select it and again at bottom click next level this will take u to final 8 digit i.e 3rd level ( assuming ur maintaing the MMr for processor if it is a elcetronic cmopnent mmr then onyl first level can b maintained ) selcect the final level by clicking on choose this makes a complete 18 digit entry at your MMR PROD HIRIH slection ..

ok now save ur MMr and go to vk11 and maintain K148 discnt type u can maintain this discount type for any level first level 2 level and thrd level at each level u can maintain diff discouints wht ever level mentioned in the mmr the dicunt wld b aplicable


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HOPE THIS IS IT.......................anyways sorry for blundres in spellings cnt help it ...

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Now I clearly understood.

Thank you very much Kiran.

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