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Condition type is not available in VK11

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Hi MM Guru's,

I have question regarding the condition record creation for contracts. I have to create multiple validity periods with price for single item for the contract items.

I am using MEK1 tcode to do the same. But when try i enter two records with same line item number. It giving me an warning messageu2019The condition is being processed in the current sessionu2019 and saving only the first records. When I searched the forums I got one more tcode VK11 but my condition type is doesnu2019t exists in the possible entries.

Please let me know how to populate my condition type for contracts in VK11.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Praveen,

VK11 is to maintain condition records for sale side if want to maintain the condition records for contract check in trns

MEKB ....



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For MM Conditions-MEK1

Sales condition -Vk11

Anil patreddy

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Hi Anil/Amit,

O.K. accept that VK11 is for sales. But when I enter multiple records in VK11 it is getting saved. But same thing is not happening for MEK1. Is there any configuration need to change for the MEk1?

Please let me know is there any other way or tcode to save the condition with multiple values for single line items.



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vk11 is tcode to create the condition records for sales. not for mm.