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condition table

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Hallo SAP Gurus,

i'd like to delete a field in an existing table 700. But the point is when i'm going to modify table once i select the field to be deleted there is no icon or object allowing me to delete the field. delete in this case is on display modus. How can i delete it?

Plz Help, reward guaranteed

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You cannot modify any condition table once it is created. This means you cannot delete any field in it.

Suppose the condition table 700 has fields - Sales Org./Plant/Dis Cha/Material Grp. Now suppose you don't want plant field "Plant" in this table.

1. Go to V/07 - delete the table assignment from the access sequence to which table 700 is assigned. Without this the table cannot be deleted.

2. Go to V/04 - select the table, press enter, from the menu bar select "delete". The system will ask you whether you want to delete the table 700. Click on yes. The table 700 will be deleted.

3. Now go to V/03 and create the condition table 700 again with the required fields.

4. Assign the table again to the access sequence in V/07.

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Allabaqsh G. Patil

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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In standard table you can't delete any fields, you can copy & can create your own table.


Arun prasad CR

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It is not possible to delete a field from the table however if you want to delete as roberto said copy the table to a new table from V/03 then you can delete the field



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You cannot modify condition tables once you created them.

Copy it into another one, then remove the field and save/generate.

Remeber to assign the new table in the access sequence.