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Condition records picking twice in Purchase Order

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Dear All,

We have below requirement from Business.

  1. Security Service code (300252) with Particular Vendor (100133) system calculate Non-Deductible Process.
  2. Same Security Service code (300252) other than Vendor (100133) system should calculate Deductible process.

For Above requirement we have created below access sequence:  First one with vendor and second one with out vendor and for all Access sequence activated Exclude option.

  1. Region/PlntRegion/GST Class. /Activity/Plant/Tax Code/Supplier
  2. Region/PlntRegion/GST Class. /Activity/Plant/Tax Code.

In FV11-We Maintained JIIN- Condition record under Access sequence 1 with Vendor (1001)Combination and JIIG- Condition record maintained under Access sequence 2 (Without Vendor)

While creating the PO with Vendor (100133) system picking both condition records values JIIN and JIIG from access sequence 1 and 2. If Access sequence 1 satisfied then why system checking again another access sequence?  How to restrict this access sequence issue.

If we creating PO with Other than 100133 vendor system picking JIIG and this is working fine.

Pls guide me on this., Below screen shots for reference.














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No issue with other vendor and only this issue with only one Vendor (100133)!

Perhaps an old PO created with that one Vendor (100133) and manually those extra condition type entered which is why while creating a new PO, the old data copying  - can you delete info record with material group  for Vendor (100133) and then create a new PO.

Additionally check why condition record picks condition type value where PO created with a vendor code- Vendor (100133) - check nature of access sequence and condition keys associated with condition table