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condition record for the pricing condition fetched but the error is that the "mandatory pricing is missing"

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I have created a scheduling agrement.

in the conditions tab in the item level of the document,the conditions ZPRF  is not processed and is red in status.

though i have maintained the condition records

i have cross check the pricing procedure the condtion type the access sequence and etc from the legacy (where these condition is processed )

but here in the quality system it is not processed .

help me

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Hi Vikram,

please check you have already maintained condition record, if you maintained condition record check the valid from and valid end date and agreement pricing date. check the key combination of condition record in vk12 if its customer check region in customer master data, if its material check the entered material in condition record and in agreement

Some times what will happen if you maintained condition record that ZPRF will fetch in agreement but forgot to mention the price in amount column so that time non active column will get in red and show error as pricing error mandatory condition is missing.