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Condition Index /Condiition Update

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Hi All,

Could anyone explain in detail about CONDITION INDEX and CONDITON UPDATE. Can also mail to if there is any notes.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi ,

it is used to update or create condition records by referring the existing condition record of same condition type with same condition table or different .

this is used to avoid craeting manually new cond records.

for mass creation of records it will be used.

for using this u will have to customise in spro ,sd,basic functions,pricing,

with necesary condition types and condition tables.

reward if helps !!!!!!

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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<b>Condition Index</b> :

Specifies whether the system updates one or more condition indices when maintaining condition records.


This makes it possible to list or maintain condition records indepently of condition type and condition table, for example.


For source determination for services, service conditions for the vendor are taken into consideration in the same way as info records, if the flag Condition Index is set for condition type Total Price (PRS).

<b>Condition update</b>

Controls whether limit values are relevant for pricing.

E.g.: you can make the use of a particular condition record in the document dependent on a specified total value.

This total value can be specified in the condition record.

Hope it helps.

Thanks & Regards

Sadhu Kishore

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Condition Update: For example If ur client wants to give some discount/special price to paticular material to only First 3 orders.then we have to activate this n give the amount details in VK11.


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Condition Index:Specifies whether the system updates one or more condition indices when maintaining condition records

Example:If for one condition type have no. of record existing amd modifiedable.Maintain the check box in Cond Typ then in VK11 press button will apper click it show all the records for that Cond Typ.

Condition Upadte:Cond Updates controls the pricing limits.

Example:Cond Typ have Upper limits and lower limits.For this limits will update by this function.

Needful kindly rewards the points