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Condition Contracts settled as a service Invoice from Customer

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Dear all,

Our client's requirement is to be able to settle a rebate condition contract as a service invoice from the customer and it will be posted as an expense.

Is this possible using the standard sap condition contract management?

Thank you,


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Hi Thorsten,

At my client, we use CCM/Settlement Management for the following scenario for (trade) payments to customers of our customers:

  • (Scenario very much resembles the use of CCM for Royalties, yet with the difference that the business volume is external POS data rather than S4 Invoices)
  • The client sells to distributors (client's customer) who then sell on to retailers (customers of the client's customers)
  • My client determines amounts to be paid to customers of their customers, eg based on POS sell out data
  • Payments have to be through AP (as AR credit memo or AP self billing is not (always) allowed for legal/tax reasons)
  • Cost is reported in Gross Margin as 'Discount', ie in Margin analysis (COPA) with SKU and Customer
  • Custom Business Volume is used (sales/POS data from the customers of our customers)
  • Based on above, condition contract is settled, creating an AP item posted with Special GL - accruals account, offset by 'discounts' reported in Trade Margin based on the details in the business volume
  • Upon settlement, we issue email to the AP account in the settlement (customer of our customer), confirming the amount and condition contract reference he should use when invoicing us.

Now the question is, is there a way that this AP invoice can be processed like Logistics Invoice Verification, ie checking the invoice against the accrued amount and vendor/contract number from the settlement document. If there is a match, the invoice should be processed without further approvals required. If there is a mismatch, the invoice should go into exception process (eg WF from Basware).

Many thanks for your valuable insights.


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Hi Harry, we have the similar requirement, how did you achieve this requirement? thanks in advance.