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Condition contract settlement accrual reversal: total value on first line item

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Dear Experts,

I perform the condition contract settlement of a customer condition contract in WB2R_SC

We are using EHP with all activated business functions and customizing is consistent with documentation from note 2723516.

I have accruals that should be reversed with the settlement. We have multiple line items and I created accruals on line item (for all articles system created accruals with every invoice). Now performing the settlement, the system determines the correct value of accruals and reverses them. On header level it looks good. But on item level it does not: System puts the accrual reversal REA2 in total on the first line item. So i have a huge accrual reversal on the first line item and no accrual reversals on the other line items.

From finance perspective this is not an issue but it does in controlling CO-PA, because the full accrual reversal is on one line / item. Example with dummy data below:

How can we achieve that system puts accrual reversal on those articles / line items, where it build the accruals ? and not everything on the first item ?





Thanks and best regards

SAP S/4HANA for enterprise contract managementSettlement Management 

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