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Condition category in v/06

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in v/06, maitaining the condition types, there are so many options of condition category.

Has any one got the document of all those options of condition category....


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Answers (3)

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Hi Chandresh,

I seem to be in a similar situation as you with the condition category field. Here's what I know... it's a way to group condition records. It can then be used in custom code like the include RV61AFZA, which is included in SAPLV61A, which is used in the order save user exit. I do not believe it drives any functionality directly or if it does I haven't found it yet. As far as I have found it is a rather generic field in the pricing condition setup to be used at the customer's discretion.

Hope that helps,


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Most comonly used condition category are Base Price for Price Confition Type, Tax for Taxes, Discounts & surcharge, & so on .....

In a pricinging Procedure, you can have multiple price condition type, but when executed in sales order, if multiple records are foune for different condition type, it will only consider the last valid condition record & overlook others. You can have multiple condition types for other than price catergory & based on configuration the appropriate condition record will be picked up. Same condition type cannot or should not be repeated in pricing procedure.

Each condition category has its own relevance. If you observes Standard Condition types, it will give better idea of where to use these components.


Rajesh Banka

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Hi Chandresh,

A classification of conditions according to pre-defined categories (for example, all conditions that relate to freight costs,Tax, Price etc.,

Based on the condition type this will be selected in the Condition as per the client Req.

$ TaxJurCode trigger (without license check KNVL)

+ Tax exemption license via conditions

- Total charges (only IS-OIL)

0 Charges - condition records (only IS-OIL)

1 Tax JurDic level 1 (with license check KNVL)

2 Tax JurDic level 2

3 Tax JurDic level 3

4 Tax JurDic level 4

5 Customer reserve 5

6 Customer reserve 6

7 Customer reserve 7

8 Customer reserve 8

9 Customer reserve 9

A Packaging

B Delivery costs

C Insurance

D Tax

E Cash discount

F Freight

G Cost

H Basic price

I Price for intercompany billing

J Customer expected price / customer value (

K Base amount excluding tax

L Generally new when copying

M Sales tax w/license-checking (VAT)

N Input Tax not Deductible

O Variants

P Base amount including tax

Q Costing

R Invoice list condition

S Standard cost

T Moving cost

U Discount/surcharge for precious metals

V Price component

W Expected sales price (including tax)

X Customer reserve X

Y Customer reserve Y

Z Customer reserve Z

a Reserved (fixed extra pay)

b Transfer Price for Group Valuation

c Transfer price for profit centers

d Confirmed purchase net price/value

e Down payment request/down payment clearing

f Free goods - inclusive

g Payment

h Profit Center Cost

i Ship & Debit 1 (IBU HiTec)

j Ship & Debit 2 (IBU HiTec)

l TP-ILV: Base Tarif That Covers Costs

m SSR Discount (only IS-Oil)

n Profit Center Internal Price (Route)

o AFS Season Determination

p SSR Partner Commission (only IS-OIL)

& AFS Value-Added Services

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Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Sattesh,

I know these options buddy.. these area available in "f4" of the condition category..

I am looking for purpose/relevance of each of these options. Freight,basic price, tax,cost thes eI know.

But for the rest of options is there any document available for the use of each of these options.