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Component cannot be equal to product item

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Dear all,

My company have some productions that parent items and component items are the same. But SAP B1 doesn't allow us to do this. This error was thrown when I tried to add this kind of production orders or BOM.

"Component cannot be equal to the production item"

For example, in normal situation, a product "A" have component "B" and "C".

"A" 2 kg = "B" 1 kg + "C" 1 kg

But, sometimes, we have to Blend them some previous batch of "A" like this

"A" 3 kg = "B" 1 kg + "C" 1 kg + "A" 1 kg

and then we got 3 kg of "A" in new batch no.

If B1 cannot have this kind of production orders, Is there any other way to do it.


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For standard recipe create a standard production order based on production BOM where A will be parent item and B, and C will be components.

In situations where parent itself is used in production process, create a special production order where A will be parent along with B,C, and A again as components.

Special production orders are not BOM driven. You are free to add the components as per your requirements.