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Component Assignment in CS02

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I'm trying to assign components to an operation of the routing via CS02.

The steps I follow are:

I select the items i want to assign

Extras > Operation Assignment

I chose the operation for the item.

I Push next item, etc.

I Save the operation but the system don't assign theese components to the operation selected.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Oscar

Component assignment to operation is done in Routing (CA01 or CA02) as explained by the expert. Once the assignment is completed then in CS02 system will display the operation assigned to the respective components.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Srinivas,

I know that but I found this option in CS02 and, if it works, it seems a most friendly way to assign components to a routing.

For that, I need someone tells me if that option works and, in that case, if there's a SAP note to fix it.


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Hi Oscar.

Do you do the assingment step?check the following screen:

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Hello Oscar,

You can perform the assignment through CS02 by the menu function that expert Arturo Senosain has suggested.

However to add my two cents, in CA02 assignment there are options like activating backflush indicator (cases when backflush indicator is not maintained in material master/ work center level, and they are allocated in routing level to segregate the automatic goods movements) that can be maintained in an easy manner (in a single screen). In CS02 assignment, if you want to activate backflush indicators, please follow the steps:

1. Perform assignment as per the screenshot mentioned in expert Arturo's response.

2. Select menu function Material Components -> General Data.

Here you will have the option to mark the backflush indicator.

Still I think assignment in CA02 is easier to use, since in CS02 it will list down all the task lists. For example, if you have an inspection plan (created in QP01) for the header along with the routing, system will give you pop-up to confirm/ choose the task list between the inspection plan and routing.

Kindly check.

Best Regards,


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It works.

Thank you so much.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hii Oscar,

The objective of component assignment to an operation can be achieved by following below mention steps.

Go to CA02, type in material, plant

Then select the Routing Counter for the material for which component assignment to be done.

Then select the tab in header bar displaying "Component Allocation".

Then select the components to be assigned to one particular operation.

Then select the New allocation/new assignment tab in header bar.

Then type in routing's operation number and routing sequence in the new small screen opened.

Then click tick for the open screen.

Then repeat same process of remaining component allocation for next set of operations in the routing.

Finally save the routing.

Backflush indicator tick for these components will ensure the auto back flushing functionality of these component at the time of confirmation


Vishal Sood