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Complete Cycle for PM

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I am new to PM, Can some body help me and give me the complete cycle of the PM which show me step by step and guide me to the end.Please removed thank you in advance

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Sam -

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In PM order can be when there is regular maintenance (preventive) or breakdown maintenance.

1) Can be made thro Notification - T.Code IW31

( Maintenance Work Order and Maintenance Work Notification is created. System automatic generate Maintenance Notification for all Order )

2) Change maintenance Work Order - Issue Permit - T.Code IW32

(Permit is Released)

3) Change maintenance Work Order - Release Work Order & Print out Work Order T.Code - IW32 and IW3D

( Before release System status : CRTD,After release System status : REL and Order & Pick list is printed )

4) Confirm Work Order-Partial confirmation & Final confirmation T.Code - IW41

( Order Status: PCNF & CNF)

5) Change Work Order - Complete Notification &- Complete Technical T.Code - IW32

( Notification is updated, Notification has status NOCO

& Work Order has status TECO)

6) Settle Work Order - T.Code KO88

( Work Order cost is settled to Cost center, Order Status: SETC)

7) Close Work Order - T.Code IW32

( Order Closed, Order Status: CLSD)

These are stages in any Maintenance order, similar to Production or Process order.

This is already posted by Sirni. Please check in posted thread.


Kaushal Rai

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Hi Sam,

I am giving the full cycle of PM for one maintenance process, the same process is more or less equal to all maintenance processes with smaller changes

1. Create a notification with suspected problem to maintenance dept//T code - IW21

2. Create an order against notification by mentioning the time, permits,operations to be carried out, components, maintenance activity type, settlement rule, activity types etc.// t - code IW31, IW32.

3.once the above stuff is entered in order we can release the order for execution.// T-code IW32

4.If the execution is completed confirm the order partially// T code- IW41

5.Come to order screen then do the TECO (black flag), it confirms our order is completed technically.

6. Then settlement to be done // T code-IW32, the cost of the order will be settled in respective cost center.

7. Now do the business completion, which completes the order business.// T code - KO88



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Hi sam,

A small correction is KO88 is for settlement of costs

Business completion will be done through IW32 to get full completion of order.

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hi saam,

plz find the link below for practicing PM in IDES, it is very helpful...