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Compensation Management

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Hello Experts,

We are on ECC 5 ehp 4. We are using compensation managment only for creating Survey data in Job pricing.

I came across other functionalities in Job pricing like -

Provider data

Import data

Job matching


Composite result by internal job

Create mass composite result

Salary structure adjustment

I tried to check the online sap help library but didn't get much inputs on it. Also I didn't find these nodes in spro config of ECM.

I want to know whether we can implement the above features into our R/3? How it is carried out? And what are the requirements to implement them?

We already have PA & OM modules in place.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Shalini,

Salary structure :

1. On the Compensation Management - Job Pricing screen, select the job(s) whose

average basic salary you want to use as the reference point and then choose Extras 

Generate salary struc.

The Generate Salary Structure dialog box appears

2. Enter data as required and choose

The system generates a salary structure in accordance with your input parameters and

displays the results as a list.

3. On the Generate Grades – Result screen, you can change the values manually. To do

this, select a pay grade and choose Edit   Select

The Postprocess values generated dialog box appears

4. Change the values as required and choose

5. Save your salary structure

Because the salary structures a



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Hi Siva,

Thanks so much for your responce. Basically I am just looking into Job Pricing part.

We want to implement only the Job pricing feature. So I would like to know what all acitvites we need to carry out from configuration side if we want to use Job pricing and its features which I mentioned above.

Do you have documentation which can help me to understand and configure Job pricing?



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Hi Shalini,

are u talking about job matching or job pricing?

Job pricing provides the basis for generating salary structures from internal and external information about the jobs and job functions within an organization.

This process allows you to create compensation-related infotype records at the job and position

level. Job pricing currently uses the following infotypes:

Job Evaluation Results Infotype (1050)

Salary Survey Results Infotype (1051)

Planned Compensation Infotype (1005)

Process Flow

1. Select the jobs you want to edit.

2. Store the compensation-related at the job level, that is, create infotype records for the jobs

and positions using the infotypes provided.

3. Determine the internal worth of the jobs and positions in your organization based on internal

and external data available.

4. Associate the jobs and positions to pay grades.

5. Generate your salary structures based on this data.

Steps to be follow :

1. From the Compensation Management screen, choose Administration   Job pricing ,The Compensation Management - Job Pricing screen appears

2. Decide whether you want to perform job pricing for all your jobs at once or per organizational unit.

3. Enter data as required and click on execute button

The system displays a list of jobs together with the following information per job:

  Job name

  Number of positions associated with the job

  Evaluation group

  Benchmark job indicator

  Evaluation points

  Job code

  Average basic salary

4. To create and change the job pricing data, select the relevant jobs and click on "display or change button"

The Compensation Management - Job Pricing dialog box appears.

5. Enter data as required in each tab and scroll through the jobs selected by choosing or

6. To create an infotype record for a particular job, choose create button and enter the relevant data

7. To change data contained in an infotype record for a particular job, choose display mode

8. Once you are happy with the data, choose save button to exit the dialog box.