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comparision between single Plant and multiplant.

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I am doing practice for creation of one organization structure,

At the starting i have one plant under which their are 3 storage location located in different cities.

The Value of material is same in all cities, now i think define each storage location as plant, then what effect will get on the


Can anyone explain me the advantages of multi -plant against single plant?

which process is beneficiary for business process?


Baya Jo.

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Answers (4)

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If you use different plants, you have the advantage that you can use stock transport orders to get material from one branch to another.

You can run a normal MRP and need not to work with MRP in storage locations.

You may have also problems with the valuation of the materials when only using storage locations, because the planned delivery costs are normally different between one vendor and the different branches.

have fun.


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At the starting i have one plant under which their are 3 storage location located in different cities

1 ) see first storage location never situated far way from plant its in different cities it should be plant or warehouse or depo

If manufacturing activities happen there then it should be plant

If its only for saleing purpose ,then it will depo ,or only storing purpose it will warehouse

pupose of this ( if you have all three plants ,you get valuvation differntly for each plant )

If you have single plant ,no mater but valuvation will be at single plant level,you cannt get valuvation per citied for you business for you material and releates things

my suggestion consider it plant or depo if it in differnt cities


Kailas Ugale

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if you have having multiple plants, you can have as many valuation levels. you can maintain the same material at a different condtion including price in each plant.

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Dear Jo,

Creation Of Multimule plant or a single plan, It s all depends on your Business requirement.

You create Multiple Plant to simplfy the business process , like stock transfer, and other business process