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Company namespace

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Hi all,

I'm new to SAP and am currently taking the elearning for the SDK. One of the lessons indicated it was necessary for a company to obtain a company namespace. My question is do we only need one namespace for our company or would we need a different namespace for each of the addon projects we will build?

They also mentioned a development prefix, does that need to be registered as well?



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This link to the SAP Service Portal will help answer your questions about namespace and assist you with applying for namespace.

Hope that helps,


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Actually I was hoping for a little clarification. Do we only need need one namespace for our company regardless of how many addons we create?

Is the development prefix administerd differently than namespaces?

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yes you need only one namespace. That ensure you that all the development you may do regardless the AddOn will be unique.

then, depending of what you want to do, you may have to ask licencekey name.

If you create AddOn for your own company, you don't need to ask for a licencekey name, but if you want to sell Add-On, you need one licencekey name for each add on.

With the licencekey name, you can generate an AddOn Identifier, that you use in the parameters to connect to Business One