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Company code is integrated into enterprise organization-Not able to maintain Acc/assignment for OrgUnits in HR-OM.

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Hi All,

i am a HR Consultant, basically i dont hav much idea about FI but looking out for an suitable answer or guidance from you experts

Some time back i was able to assgn the controlling area & Comp Code to the root organization in ORG.Mgmt but the sub org.units were showing wrong assignments of both & the cost center assignments were not happening so i deleted the assignment & tried to create new assignment.

Now th case is i am not at all able to do the assignment - System throws a Msg that

"Company code is integrated into enterprise organization ".PB111.

system by default picking up wrong Controlling area against the Comp Code as well as Cost Center- Controlling Area-1000 where as my controlling area is different.

Can any body please guide me on the same.

Maintain object Finance in enterprise organization

Message no. PB126


You tried to maintain an object Finance which is supposed to be
maintained in the enterprise organization area.

System Response

Maintenance is not allowed in the current transaction.


Carry out the required modification using the transactions in enterprise
organization. Enterprise organization is maintained in particular in
Controlling. If necessary, contact the person responsible for the assigned
controlling area .


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Answers (3)

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any luck resolving this?

I am having the same issue, when I go to ppome to assign the controlling area, the required controlling area in not showing. I have asked FI person to check the controlling area and it is all set up correct.

I have made changes to t750 for PPINT-PPINT so that it is blank (and then the required controlling area doesn't appear in dropdown list) and then put in the required controlling area in PPINT-PPINT and then the cost centre fields is blank.



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I think you have assigned correct  cost center or not ?

and check in Okkp t.code here assigned correct company code is assiged to controlling  .togo-okkp t.code- here select the assignment of company code holder?  contact your fico consultant?

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Hi Prasad,

thank you very much for the assistance.

I am not able to get the options of Cont.Area & Comp codes in drop down in Account Assignment, it should generally be available in the dopdown to facilitate the option for selection, but due to non availability i am not able to move forward, have checked all the assignment all looks fine.

but still system is picking up 1000- default Controlling area.

I have now maintained the PPINT-PPINT in T77s0 for controlling Area Default , with this i am able to get the desired controlling area but Comp code option is not  available for data input.

If you have any idea please guide. even i have raise a new discussion .

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I think please check this path   Spro>enterprise structure-Assignment-Controlling-Assign company code to controlling area  here check company code assign to controlling area or not?    Regards Prasad

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Hi Prasad,

Thanks for the update but still i am stuck , no progress.

please Guide.

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can you check thr personal area is assigned to company code this

path: Spro>enterprise structure-Assignment-human resoure management -Assign to personal area to company code.